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As part of our co-educational program, JEXTOBAN provides a magnificent boarding environment in which students have the time and space to develop and nurture their talents. They are given numerous opportunities to try new things, succeed, and celebrate their successes.
We build on their academic journey while also meeting their physical, emotional, cultural, moral, social, and spiritual needs.
Staff at the boarding house are extremely familiar with our students. This caring environment ensures that all students have several adult mentors to whom they can turn in times of need. Healthy, solid friendships are at the heart of the boarding life program.
Our excellent boarding routines balance the need for our students to support their academic progress and spiritual development.

Student life

Our boarding structure provides the ideal chance for teachers to be available to assist students with any pastoral or academic concerns.
  • Outstanding lodging facilities,
  • Four (4) people in a room
  • Numerous games are accessible.
  • Common Room
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