The National Policy on Education, as approved by the Federal Ministry of Education for use by all secondary schools in Nigeria, is implemented in Jextoban Secondary School. As a method of overcoming historical flaws, Jextoban’s educational policy emphasizes excellence in education, skill development, and moral training in the school system.
This strategy emphasizes the need of paying attention to weak pupils, as well as their command of the English language and mathematics, in order to help them pass their exams. Students’ preparation for study abroad or at Nigerian tertiary institutions, as well as the reactivation of quality education that will aid in integrative learning.
Our kids will build a balanced and strong character as a result of the policy, which will motivate them to work hard and clever in order to achieve in life. It urged our kids to avoid immoral behavior and to practice civility. It makes the broadest possible variety of information, arts, and skill available to all pupils, laying the foundation for a fulfilling life.
It also allows our pupils to get knowledge about religion and evaluate its worth; instill notions of tolerance and respect for others; and develop justice and impartiality in moral judgment.
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